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Panama: New tariffs due to Canal difficulties.

Amid more than a month of massive protests in Panama, shipping lines Hapag-Lloyd, Cosco Shipping Lines and CMA CGM announced to their customers that they will implement the Panama Canal Surcharge (PCC) as of January 1, 2024 to containers transiting through the interoceanic waterway.

This decision comes in the face of the most severe drought the Panama Canal has experienced in half a century. Hapag-Lloyd spokespersons indicate that the situation "has had a serious impact on container ships by imposing draft limits that question space and weight allocations. In addition, daily vessel transit has been limited to a specific number of vessels per day, presenting additional challenges to timely transit through the Panama Canal."

Hapag-Lloyd indicated that, despite their preparations, the canal restrictions present uncertainties and, therefore, they are constantly assessing the operational situation, including regular discussions with the waterway authorities to obtain the latest information.

On the other hand, the massive protests in Panama represent blockages in the main roads and therefore delays in the transportation of goods.

At Amuco, we are vigilant in providing transparent information and keeping our customers up to date on the status of shipments transshipping in Panama, using our unique VESSEL TRACK® satellite tracking service.

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