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Anyone can sell you a commodity and promise quality, but few can guarantee it. Amuco goes beyond by ensuring our customers get the right products, at the right time and at the right price. That is the Amuco advantage.

We have three core services that you can request to us:

Amuco Marketing Intelligence Unit®

Our global purchase intelligence division ensures multiple and diversified sourcing and provides our customers trends of what is taking place marketwise. 

Our globally-sourced products meet the highest technical standards reducing your risk exposure in your supply chain. You can enjoy a monthly newsletter or talk with our analysts regarding the latest market update.

Deutscher Service®

Is our industry-recognized, best-in-class tailored service for purchase managers:

before, during, and after the purchase of our wide range of products.     

Amuco VesselTrack®

Is our satellite tracking system that gives you the

geographical position of your cargo in real time.

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